In a business environment it is of great importance to very quickly get an idea of an employees strengths as well as weaknesses. This knowledge supports a secure attitude and a confident interaction between people. At meetings, during negotiations or personnel talks – it is an absolute must to show a reflective manner. 

This ability to reflect, which is characterized by an essential intuition and a sensitive empathy towards one’s counterpart, can be acquired. It is not an innate strong point, but a sensor, which can be easily trained. 

Physiognomics Berlin can help you to closely focus on the ability to reflect and to embed this skill in your mind. In lectures, seminars or workshops your colleagues can then be more easily prepared for the challenges of the modern business world.


Incentive lectures

A wide-range knowledge transfer can be a first step into the right direction, in which the work scope of Physiognomics is being outlined in form of a lecture.
You and your employees shall get a basic introduction into the subject of physiognomic analysis. Apart from a comprehensive explanation of the basic approach Physiognomics Berlin is able to address individual as well as specific issues within a company or a team. One lecture can last up to three hours and deliver first incentives, which in the long run can have a positive effect on the work process within a team. The lecture’s main objective shall be an open and interested attitude towards vis-à-vis partners.  
However, intensive work in a seminar or a workshop cannot be replaced by a mainly lecture-based discussion of the work scope of physiognomics.



Physiognomics Berlin develops individually tailored seminars, bearing in mind company-related characteristics and responding to special requirements. While the lecture gives an introduction into the subject and provides first basic perceptions, the seminar focuses on an in-depth and more detailed discussion of the subject physiognomics. In doing so, the individual fields of activity shall be more closely explained. For example, the significance of certain areas of the face or body, areas of expression and axes or the health-oriented perception of pathophysiognomics could be in the center of discussion. First group-related techniques shall be applied, in order to get seminar participants acquainted with a workshop atmosphere and to be able to apply newly acquired knowledge.



This form of physiognomic analysis and consultation combines the contents of a lecture with the individual working atmosphere during an individual analysis. This method can be useful for groups which are defined by a professional form of team play.
The workshops which sometimes last several days are based on an individual and company-related structure. First of all, necessary background information on physiognomics shall be given. Individual work areas shall be explained and acquired skills deepened. Subsequently, abilities and talents of each individual participant shall be carved with the help of conducted work in a team. The  main objective is to look at aspects of personality from a different perspective and to achieve a new attitude towards the vis-à-vis person.