A company is the sum total of its components, and the most important component are the individual employees. The satisfaction of the employees as well as their right positioning within the team in the long term play a decisive role when it comes to the level of success of the company itself. It’s a matter of common knowledge that up to 20 per cent of all human resources decisions are being altered within two years. This often does not only happen on the part of the company but on the part of the employee himself. The whole process of recruitment demands a high level of resources, including time, money and know-how. When an employee leaves the company this means a big economic loss. Studies show the importance of a thorough selection process, the right team structure or the satisfaction of the individual employee. These aspects make the difference between profit or loss of a company. Does the candidate really fit into the company? Is the employee overburdened or is he working beneath his capabilities?
Physiognomics Berlin helps to unfold the strong and the weak points as well as the hidden talents of an applying candidate or an employee which then can optimize the overall working process in the company.


Recruiting Process

Main part in the recruitment process is a comprehensive counseling on the basis of a body-related personality analysis. Whether this can be reached by taking part in a recruitment interview and by working with a group depends on the individual situation.
Far too often it is impossible in the process of recruitment to see a candidate in his full scope of skills. Besides professional requirements and demands there are certain personality structures which determine the best possible positioning of a candidate within a company. 
Physiognomics Berlin operates on the basis of observation, sensitivity and analysis and thus creates a holistic picture of the candidate – aspects, which cannot be pursued in a conventional interview.


Team optimization

A conflict-riddled working atmosphere or unsatisfying results do not necessarily lead to the termination an employee. Sometimes only a structural change is needed, as the success of a team very much depends on the personality of each individual employee. At first it is necessary to reveal the talents of all people working in a company. These perceptions can give information on the strengths and weaknesses within the team, as well as aspects like sense of responsibility, loyalty, endurance, persistence or team competence. When it comes to the right restructuring or the improvement of a working situation, these perceptions and background informations are of utmost importance. After all, each person has the ability to fully unfold his personality if he is placed in the right position. Conflicts and misunderstandings deriving from a possible dissatisfaction can be avoided by an intelligent alteration of the team structure.


Team Structure

Physiognomics Berlin can help to set up more effective work teams right at the beginning of the founding process of a company. Thus, possible blockades or problems in the teamwork can be discovered and even dissolved. Here the individual structure and situation in a group is being analyzed.  At first, a profile of the actual condition, meaning the objective and distribution of work, is being set up. In the further consultation process, with the help of the physiognomic analysis of the individual participants alternative considerations and approaches shall be discussed. Abilities and talents of the individual are being carved out, processes focused on group dynamics are being promoted and the team is being seen as a whole of all requirements and demands.  
In the end an open and emphatic everyday interaction of all individuals within a group enables an easier achievement of corporate objectives without the development of dysfunctionality in the first place.