Life consists of the relationship with ourselves and with others. Communication and intense discussions with counterparts are an aspect in our every-day life. We often face misunderstandings resulting in interpersonal problems, which most of the times happens in a subtle way without us being aware of it. Deeply rooted patterns make us react in a certain way, idiosyncrasies define our actions. We are permanently driven by the question who the other person next to us is and who we are.
Physiognomics Berlin can help you find an answer to these questions.  Based upon the knowledge of physiognomy, characteristics, problems or recurring patterns may be analyzed more thoroughly, providing us with information about how our actions can have an impact on our present as well as future life. Strengths, weaknesses or individual talents can be developed more easily, which then enables us to look at our life situation in a holistic way.


Individual analysis
In an individual analysis the individual with his specific features stands in the centre of attention. Here the physiognomic analysis can provide knowledge about general as well as specific aspects of the individual person, delivering insight into a person’s background, abilities and talents.  

Normally one or two sessions are sufficient to achieve a comprehensive overview. Consequently, questions to oneself, one’s private and professional environment can be substantiated and answered in a satisfactory way.

Physiognomics Berlin must not be understood as a substitute for psychotherapy, as it does not claim to fulfill any psychotherapeutic functions. However, with the help of an analysis based on physiognomic aspects, individual characteristics can be highlighted and undetected aspects of a person’s individual personality can be set free.


Couples‘  analysis
In pair bonds we are confronted with the characteristics and peculiarities of our counterpart. In our professional relations we are seeking to maintain a certain distance to other persons, whereas pair bonds function on a completely different principle. Here the lines between oneself and the other person dissolve, a high level of attention and readiness for conflict are needed. Very often we can observe incomprehensible behavior and adherence to old habits, which leads to problems between the partners. 
In a couples’ analysis Physiognomics Berlin can help to specify the behavior, preferences, dispositions and strengths of the individual person, aimed at developing a higher level of tolerance, understanding and acceptance. Very often at the same time the question of guilt disappears altogether. One’s own dismay can be put into perspective, as one opens his eyes to the partner. A new perception of the loved one and oneself evolves. Misunderstandings and responsibilities may be settled easily and effectively.
 Family analysis
This form of physiognomic analysis and consultation concentrates on the special structure and situation within a family. First of all, a profile of the current state is set up together with all members of the family. Problems and misunderstandings are specified. With the help of the physiognomic analysis at first each individual person is observed, in order to find his or her position within the family community. These initial steps support a shift in perspective – moving away from one’s own feelings towards the feelings of the other family members. The interactive situation and emphatic sympathy lead to alternative contemplations and guarantees an open starting position. From this point old conflicts can be settled and dissolved without any assignment of guilt. A new perception of the family members and oneself can develop.


Career planning/consultation
Life is full of changes. We constantly face new directions in our professional life. This can either be an excessive demand or a promotion of our abilities. No matter whether dismissal, resumption of an old job or advancement, the career-related counselling of Physiognomics Berlin addresses pupils, university graduates, professionals as well as professional newcomers. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the situation. In the course of the session abilities, potentials, talents and competences are being carved out. The newly achieved orientation can help to define interests and objects. Questions like whether one has enough strength to take the next hurdle? Or questions what the company thinks about oneself and which direction would be the best one to take can be openly discussed and answered. A candid analysis of the initial situation helps to work out practical solutions for the individual person.