This offer is mainly focused on those, who wish to deepen their knowledge and who plan to learn the system of physiognomics by themselves.
At the beginning of the course, with the help of graphic material, the basics of physiognomics shall be provided in a systematic way and built on each other. Then the acquired knowledge shall be implemented. Under the supervision of Eva Dahle, course participants will be able to use their theoretical knowledge in practice, by analyzing people and situations.
A training in the field of physiognomics can be of utmost importance for those who closely work with other people, like for instance psychologists, coaches, doctors as well as people who work in therapeutical or healing professions.

The training course consists of four course modules, which are the following:

Module I + II
Learning the basics: This comprises the training of perception as well as the knowledge of physiognomic features.

Module III
Deepening of knowledge: Systematic and logical classification of the registry within the complex overall context of a personality analysis.

Module IV
Study of interpersonal dynamics: This module focuses on the interaction between individuals and groups.

The duration of a module is about three months. Once per week a two-hour session shall be held in Berlin. The course consists of all four modules.

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